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What Happened?

So I was taking a break from studying for school and doing homework and I was browsing through old instagram pictures when I suddenly got sad. I saw old pictures of right after my surgery when I temporarily felt better and was able to exercise and then a little further back I saw pictures of … Continue reading


Yesterday I worked with a fellow coworker who isn’t aware that I have chronic pain. She randomly asks me if I believe in Fibromyalgia. I tell her of course, yes. She is quiet for a while then talks about her doctor and how her doctor thinks it’s a lazy person’s condition and he doesn’t believe … Continue reading

Paleo: Take Two!

So right after my Nutcracker Syndrome surgery (back in June) I went on the Paleo diet to help reduce inflammation and also to help lose some weight. Mainly, though to help reduce inflammation and bloating because it’s a great diet to help with those things. This is the post I initially wrote about the Paleo … Continue reading


I won’t lie at times I can be lazy, but most days now I work hard. Sure I’m not up exercising or running around, but I work hard in different ways. I have to. When you have chronic pain you have to preserve you body and your energy in order to get as much done … Continue reading