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So yesterday I went to the neurological pain center. It was definitely an interesting visit. The main focus of the visit was on my psychological well being and seeing if that influenced my pain. They did not believe my pain was psychosomatic (caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress), … Continue reading

Moving Forward

So as I’ve written in the past week or so I experienced a major set back. I felt defeated and discouraged and honestly just destroyed that all the progress I made was lost. However, after a few days of self loathing, misery, and contemplation I finally came to the realization that despite my huge setback … Continue reading

Words Are Hurtful

This past week has been incredibly difficult for me both physically and emotionally. I have chronic pain, specifically related to pelvic floor dysfunction. Before this past week if you asked me how I was doing (a question I previously hated so much) I would rant and rave about how much better I was doing. I … Continue reading


Dealing with chronic pain is like riding a roller coaster. You go through the ups and downs, the dark tunnels of the unknown, the scary hills that make you want to scream and cry, but ultimately you still have moments where you laugh and have fun. Those moments are the good days of chronic pain. For … Continue reading

Nurse’s Week

May 6th-May 12th is Nurse’s Week. It’s a time of the year to show appreciation to nurses and give thanks for all that they do. As a nurse it’s one of my favorite weeks of the year. Not because I expect appreciation. I come from a thankless job, but because May 10th is when I … Continue reading